The Cuisine

The Grand Tour in Italian culinary culture inspires menu of Palmaria Restaurant.

The menu draws inspiration from the epic "Grand Tour", the long journey in continental Europe, particularly in Italy, undertaken by the European aristocracy from the seventeenth century and destined to increase their knowledge. A journey that could last from a few weeks to several months. During the Tour, young people learned about art, culture and lifestyle of the places visited. Italy, with its legacy of ancient Rome, became one of the most eagerly awaited places. Lord Byron himself crossed our country passing through Portovenere. The Grand Tour further includes the discovery of the extraordinary national culinary heritage and in this context the menu will include the celebration of great Italian dishes, created to perfection, and a real scouting of the finest quality ingredients. In the "à la carte" menu the "land and sea" combinations are the protagonists of the octopus, the anchovies and the "muscles", typical of the Spezzina and Ligurian tradition.


massimiliano volonterio palmaria restaurantChef: Massimiliano Volonterio

Class of 1980, born in Como, his career began to develop at Villa D’este with his "teachers" Luciano Parolari and Michele Zambanini. After a three-year experience in London, he became the Sous-chef of Stefano Cavallini, the first Italian chef to obtain a Michelin star in England, and returned to Italy to work at the Ducasse court at the Andana Relais. He became the Executive Chef of the Tombolo Talasso Resort, he arrived at the Grand Hotel Portovenere, with strong experience and ready to start a new adventure.

“On the menu of the Palmaria Restaurant guests will find flavors and techniques that I have had the opportunity to experience on several occasions. However, Gualtiero Marchesi remains my first reference from which to take inspiration. In fact, I search mostly authentic and tasty dishes with great attention to the local ingredients of the land. On paper, Italian cuisine is the master, in its regional and local facets, with careful attention to Slow Food principals."



Italian Celiac Association

Palmaria Restaurant, which is part of the Italian Celiac Association (AIC), is attentive to the specific needs of its customers and also offers gluten-free menus. The complete exclusion of gluten from the diet is not easy to achieve as the grains that are not allowed are found in many dishes of Italian culinary tradition, but the awareness and professionalism of our team will be able to offer a menu specially designed for the celiac.